Workplace Fitness and Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are becoming more widespread throughout the country and the buzz is catching on. The bottom line of such programs is that healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive.

Great Shape Bayside can provide an array of services in this area including:

  • Lunchtime fitness classes (at the studio or at your premises if suitable)
  • Fully subsidised or part subsidised fitness classes (i.e. cost fully paid by the employer or part subsidised for employees)
  • Fitness training for a specific event (i.e. such as Tough Mudder, Run for the Kids, Melbourne Marathon)
  • Team building or group fitness session as part of a conference or team building day
  • A membership discount when 5 or more employees become Great Shape Bayside members

Remember - employees are the most valuable assets to any company which is why workplace wellness programs are so relevant today. By providing these services you will be improving emplyee sense of wellbeing, work-life balance, job satisfaction and retention rates. The wellness of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. In addition, fitness and wellness programs build a sense of camaraderie with co-workers and helps them feel like an important part of the team.