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Our team have the skills, knowledge, experience and passion to deliver high quality Small Group Training and Personal Training to our valued members.  They will all know your name, exercise background, strengths & weaknesses and tailor safe, fun and effective workouts to match.  Find out more about our experienced coaches below:

  • Matt Sutherland


    Over the past ten years I have provided high quality personal and group training services to a wide range of clients ranging from teens to around age 80, with varying fitness levels, exercise backgrounds and fitness objectives.

    Formerly a Financial Adviser with the task of helping clients achieve their financial goals my current mission is to motivate, educate and inspire clients to achieve their health & fitness goals and improve their quality of life.

    I develop highly tailored individual and group training programs including strength and conditioning, high intensity interval training, boxing, core strength, running and flexibility.

    My passion includes educating clients about healthy lifestyle choices and helping make fitness an important part of their lives. I also have experience in remedial & corrective exercise to assist in addressing body imbalances and reducing the risk of injury.


    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    • Mat Pilates Level 1
    • Advanced Thump Boxing Instructor (Level 1 & 2)
    • Kinetic Link Training Level 1 – Functional Strength & Fitness
    • FMA Strength Training Level 1 – The Mechanics of Lifting
    • Kettlebell Training Level 1
    • Level 2 First Aid
    • Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (FINSIA)
    • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Monash University
  • Kash Fernando


    After moving to Australia in 2004 to finish  a Bachelors Degree in IT, Kash discovered that his true passion was in becoming the best and fittest version of himself and helping anyone else who wanted help to achieve their life and fitness goals. 

    In order to pursue this dream, Kash completed his Certificate III and IV in Fitness in 2005 to become a full time Personal Trainer.  From that day onwards, Kash began living his dream and feels extremely fortunate and lucky that he gets to help so many individuals (ranging from professional athletes to the general public) to achieve their life and fitness goals and become the best version of themselves.

    His vast experience includes being the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Rugby League Club Southern Force from 2009 to 2011 and the Fitness Coach for Mount Waverley women’s hockey team in 2011, a year they won the premiership for the first time in their club's history.

    His motto in life is: 'Never give up on your dreams'


    • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
    • Bachelors in IT - Multimedia Technology
    • Diploma In Computer Systems Engineering
    • Certificate II in Security and Crowd Controlling
    • Level 2 First Aid


  • Riccardo Spano


    Riccardo (Rick) is a friendly, high energy fitness coach who specialises in dynamic athletic training. He is very experienced in dynamic movement training that makes use of natural body movements to work the entire body. Rick works one on one with clients as well as groups. He also works with youth in elite level sport such as soccer, tennis and AFL.

    Rick will encourage you to strive for your best, making you believe nothing is impossible. His workouts are both challenging and enjoyable and he always knows how to motivate you to work hard, whilst keeping things fun with a joke or a smile.

    Rick’s achievements are many and varied and include playing Soccer in the Victorian Premier League, playing for Victoria in the youth championships and being contracted for Athletico Tornio in Italy. He has also represented Victoria in elite level athletics.


    • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
    • Diploma in Sports Management
    • Certificate 1 and 2 in Sports & Recreation
    • Level 2 First Aid
  • Rod Leonard


    Rod has been with Great Shape Bayside for many years and brings with him over 10 years experience in Group and Personal Training, health and fitness.

    Originally a Sydney-sider, Rod played Rugby Union at the highest level in Sydney's Premier Competition for 13 years. He is passionate about boxing as a training discipline, sport and an excellent form of fitness and competed in and won two amateur boxing fights.

    He is passionate about helping people push past their personal limits to achieve their health and fitness goals.


    • Boxing Fitness & Tuition for all Ages
    • Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning
    • Kids Fitness
    • Small Group Training


    • Bachelor of Human Movement Studies - Australian Catholic University, Sydney
    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • Level 1 Boxing Coach
    • Level 1 Rugby Union Coach
    • Level 2 First Aid
  • Diana Henning


    Diana has been involved in and loved sports all her life, spending days outdoors practising natural rock climbing, surfing and scuba diving.  She is also a dentist and has been involved with the health and wellbeing of the human body for many years.  It was after Diana's second pregnancy that she discovered how great she was at inspiring people to free their minds, train their hearts and bodies.

    Diana has excellent experience with Group Training combining strength, conditioning and cardio.  She is also a Latin-American Zumba Instructor, loves music and helping people discover the joy and health benefits of moving their bodies to music.


    • Certificate III and IV in fitness
    • Pre and post pregnancy exercise Instructor
    • Zumba Zin Instructor
    • Aqua Zumba Zin Instructor
    • Pro Skills Zumba
    • TRX and Kettlebell Training Level 1
    • First Aid and CPR
    • General Dentist
  • Luke Buckland


    Luke has been working in the fitness area for almost 5 years now, taking all varieties of different classes, as well as personal training.  As a trainer he loves trying everything there is, so his own training and by extension, the sessions he take reflect this. 

    Luke's holistic training philosophy includes aspects from physiotherapists, body builders, power lifters, athletes and gymnastics and he enjoys applying a mix of these disciplines to his client training programs to give people challenges they may not have encountered previously.  He aims to bring as much longevity and injury prevention as he can to keep clients training for the longer term.

    Luke started training with a personal trainer when I was 12, and has been training and educating himself since age 16.  He has competed as a cheerleader, powerlifter and bodybuilder and aims to enter another bodybuilding competition in 2020.  He lives and breathes this stuff, having lost a lot of weight as a teenager and since refocusing his goals to stacking on as much lean mass as possible. Luke still trains in gymnastics most days and structures his training programs to focus on training longevity, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to developing strength and size.


    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    • Diploma of Fitness
    • Level 2 First Aid

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